Edward Wilson – From Victim To Volunteer

“The Salvation Army took us under their wing and took care of us so now I’m here as a part of this family to take someone else under our wing,” Edward Wilson.

Edward Wilson is a former Salvation Army client who had lost everything. Read Wilson’s story and how he became our most dedicated volunteer in Carroll County below:

On December 4, 2006, my family and I celebrated my granddaughter’s 6th birthday. I was living with my wife, my 2 children, and 3 grand kids. Two days later, at 5:00 AM, our house caught on fire. We lost everything.

An agency referred me to The Salvation Army in Carroll County to get help. I didn’t even know what The Salvation Army was. All I knew about them was the bell. But I found out that they were much more than that.

They helped us with everything. They gave us food, Christmas gifts for my grand kids, and they helped get my family into a hotel for a few days. With their connections, we got another house. They helped us pay off old electric bills. I was overwhelmed with all they did for us.

A lot of people don’t ask for help because they think everyone will look down on them. But The Salvation Army made us home and they made us family. I’ve been volunteering here ever since.

Anytime The Salvation Army calls me asking for volunteers, I’m there. I help with food drives, clean up, whatever they need. And if I haven’t heard from them in a while, I’ll just show up.

You know The Salvation Army didn’t call me when I lost my house…they showed up. And they took care of me. So that’s what I do. I show up and take care of them.

The Salvation Army has showed me that regardless of where you come from, there is someone that will help you. Now I get to give to people what the Salvation Army gave me…and that’s hope.

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