Moving Mountains for Grandmother in Havre de Grace

Lisa Turner, who previously lived in Arkansas, moved back to Havre de Grace on August 2, 2018 to be closer to her family and friends. She paid a moving company $3,000 to pack and ship her belongings to Havre de Grace. After a month without knowing the status of her belongings, Lisa realized that she had just been scammed.

Against Lisa’s request, the fraudulent moving company transported her belongings to Texas. In addition to the $3,000 she had already paid, the moving company requested her to pay an additional $2,000 to obtain her possessions. Amongst these items was her furniture, belongings of her two young grandsons (whom she has custody of), and her electric wheelchair.

Lisa connected with an attorney from the Maryland Crime Victim Resource Center. The attorney had a connection with The Salvation Army’s Southern Territorial Headquarters, who referred the case to Lt. Wendy and Bo Parsons, Corps Officers of Havre de Grace Corps.

After endless phone calls, emails, and paperwork, Lt. Wendy and Bo Parsons had PODS (portable containers) dropped at the storage facility in Texas, arranged to have Lisa’s possessions moved into the PODS, and then transported to Maryland.

On March 12, The Salvation Army’s Havre de Grace Corps received the PODS. Salvation Army personnel emptied the PODS into a 26-foot U-Haul truck, and personally moved Lisa’s belongings into her new home in Havre de Grace.

In a thank you letter penned to Lt. Wendy Parsons, Lisa wrote:

“As I shut down the house for bed -there on the floor by the front door was a small silver cross & it made me think of you. An angel on earth truly saved us with an army of warriors by her side!

Words can’t express how you have touched our lives. The boys have lost everything in their lives over & over before I got them. I was the one sustainable constant & I let them down. You made me a hero again. This undertaking was huge figuratively & financially! I just hope I can convey somehow that in meeting you I feel forever changed.

That true blessings & humanity do exist alongside the ugly we sometimes encounter but come with a greater force of goodness. Sincerely…thank you & The Salvation Army for making us whole once again.”

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