TSA Officers Serve Food and Forgiveness for the Soul at Corps Cafe

BALTIMORE, MD Lt. Melvin and Kimberly Harvey serve 80-120 people a day through their meal center at Temple Corps.

Temple Corps, located at 1601 W. Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21223, provides services for some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Central Maryland Area Command. To help address the communities’ need, Salvation Army officers Lt. Melvin and Kimberly Harvey make sure no one leaves their corps hungry or hopeless.

Temple Corps clients often sought food assistance. Since the site did not have a food pantry, feeding options for the clients were limited. That was until Lt. Melvin and Kimberly Harvey opened their meal center at the corps in March 2017.

Commonly known as Cornbread Café, the Salvation Army eatery serves 80-120 people every Thursday, from 1:00pm-4:00pm. The lieutenants, along with their church members, serve every customer a meal, refreshments, and dessert. “We want them to feel welcome,” said Lt. Kimberly.

The lieutenants make it a point to remember every customer’s name and serve them with integrity and southern hospitality.

Many clients at Temple Corps are in between jobs, lack permanent housing, or struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Recognizing that this vulnerable demographic may also need spiritual care, Lt. Melvin and Kimberly Harvey accept prayer requests from the café’s customers upon sign-in.

“Many of the [clients] have gotten off track. I think it’s important for them to know that no matter how you messed up, or no matter how you slipped, God still loves you and he has not forgotten about you,” said Lt. Kimberly.

Since opening their meal center, the lieutenants have seen an increase in their congregation. Even more so, the lieutenants are adamant that no one gets turned away from Temple Corps.

One Sunday morning, an intoxicated gentleman came to the church at Temple Corps for worship. Assuming he would not be welcome in the church, he stood by the back door. Until, Lt. Kimberly Harvey invited him to sit and assured him that despite his condition, he would still receive the word.

“That’s why I fell in love with The Salvation Army. I’ve been to regular churches that will turn people away but in a Salvation Army church, you come as you are,” said Lt. Kimberly.

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