FeedMore Instruments of Hope

Lily and Joe Chang prepare up to 175 sandwiches every month for the homeless.

FeedMore provides meals, blankets, and toiletries to the homeless in Baltimore, six nights a week.

Since 1983, hundreds of volunteers have served food for this program, including Lily and Joe Chang.

Originally from Taiwan, Lily and Joe, have been volunteering since 2000.

Once a month, Lily and Joe prepare 100-175 sandwiches for the homeless and  serve them along the FeedMore route and to homeless shelters.

On occasion, they order Chinese food and donate up to 200 carryout food boxes to the homeless.

Lily and Joe also donate socks, deodorant, and underwear to fill the gap of need for the homeless.

Joe described their volunteer experience as “impressive and emotional.” Joe was driven to tears a few times after seeing children, waiting in line to get food.

 “[Food recipients] are not lazy. They could be facing a period of hardship such as losing their home, or a failed business. Anyone can face hardship in their lifetime and when they need help, we are here,” said Joe.

Over the last 17 years, Lily and Joe have recruited several friends and relatives, including their youngest, Jeffery, to volunteer for FeedMore. They have since recruited enough volunteers to cover two Saturdays of every month.

For their dedicated service to our community, Mr. and Mrs. Chang received the Ultimate Volunteer Award this year.

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(BALTIMORE, MD) At this year’s Compassion in Action Gala, Lily and Joe Chang received the Ultimate Volunteer Award for their dedication to FeedMore.

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