Miguel “Chubby” Hines Jr, Volunteer Hero in West Baltimore

Chubby accepting award

BALTIMORE, MD (April 19, 2016) Miguel “Chubby” Hines Jr (3rd from left), accepting the Ultimate Volunteer award from The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Square staff at the Compassion in Action Gala.

Miguel Hines Jr., commonly known as Chubby, has been a volunteer at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Square for over twenty-five years. Not only is Chubby exceptional because of his passionate dedication to the program, but it is also miraculous that he manages to maintain a close relationship with the kids despite having a hearing and speech impairment.

Chubby started attending The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Square when he was in elementary school. During this time, Chubby’s mother was also a volunteer at the club and had been for a few years. Upon graduating from Carroll Park High School, he continued to return to Franklin Square to provide services and has been volunteering ever since. Even Deonta Sweets, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Square Director, remembers Chubby volunteering there when Sweets himself was a child.

Volunteers are a vital part of The Salvation Army because they help us provide critical needs to the community. Chubby has invested countless community service hours into the program. According to The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Square Program Coordinator David Petty, the main reason volunteers are so hard to come by is because most volunteers offer their services short-term, often with the expectation of gaining employment. Chubby on the other hand has volunteered at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club for years and has never even asked for a job application.

Like clockwork, Chubby catches a bus to arrive at the club by 1pm, Monday–Friday; not even inclement weather stops Chubby from showing up. Chubby walks across the street to Franklin Square Elementary and waits for the kids to get out of school so that he can safely escort them to The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. Chubby plays games with the kids, performs maintenance work, ensures security, and assists with kid pick-up. Every day, Chubby stays until closing time and makes sure that everything from the bathrooms to the chairs is in perfect condition for the kids to use the next day. “Chubby does everything except answer the phone,” said Petty. Both Petty and Sweets emphasized that Chubby is an essential asset to the team and that the club would not be the same without him. “Chubby comes with the building,” said Sweets.

At this year’s Compassion in Action Gala, we want to give a special thanks to Chubby for his outstanding commitment and dedication to supporting the kids of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Square.


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